MV ANTAIOS |Abandoned in South Atlantic

MV SALVAGE TITAN | Aground in North Luzon, Philippines

MV V.S.G. GLORY | Aground off Sandakan

MT BURGOS | Explosion off Veracruz, Mexico

MV NGOC SON | Aground off Fuvahmulah, Maldives

SEA WORKER | Project Management

MV BENITA | Grounded on the southeasterly coast of Mauritius

MV DONG THIEN PHU SILVER | Fugro accomplishes geotechnical survey

MV FLINTERSTAR | Wreck Removal Contract awarded to Belgium Consortium of Contractors

MV DONG THIEN PHU SILVER | Dive & Multi-Beam Sonar Survey

MV MODERN EXPRESS | safely redelivered to owners

MV MODERN EXPRESS | severely listing and abandoned by crew in Bay of Biscay

Latest Involvement

MV Stoli

Casualty Name: MV STOLI
Brief description of events:
Whilst on the way from Sardinia to Saint-Tropez, the yacht went aground and started to take water. The Skipper decided to beach her and requested for salvage assistance. The yacht was refloated and towed to Propriano port, where she was....

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