MV GRANDE AMERICA | GSC SCR and team of Specialists mobilised

The Ro-Ro Cargo vessel, whilst transiting the Gulf of Biscay on her way from Hamburg to Casablanca, encountered a cargo fire on the 10th of March. Despite firefighting efforts of the crew and tugs in the vicinity, the casualty became engulfed in flames and subsequently sunk on the 12th of March to a water depth of about 4,700 meters. The crew members managed to abandon safely and were rescued by a British Navy vessel. Owners had entered into a LOF salvage agreement with Salvors Ardent, whom invoked the SCOPIC Clause. A South African based GSC SCR was immediately mobilised to the scene.

Once the casualty had sunk the Owners and their P&I Insurers engaged a team of specialists to assist them with the survey and sealing operations. Salvors Ardent remained engaged and managed to successfully seal openings in the hull structure. The sub sea works were completed on the 18th of April.

Ian Carrasco | Appointed to the Lloyds SCR Panel

Ian has been appointed as a member of the Special Casualty Representative panel at Lloyds. Within two weeks Ian received his first appointed as SCR for the casualty GRANDE AMERICA.

Openings Party | GSC Office Taipei

On the 14th of March, the Openings Party for the GSC Office was organised in Taipei. Over one hundred local and international guests from the shipping industry attended the successful organised event in the Grand Hall of The Okura Prestige Hotel

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