Brief description of events: The casualty encountered a fire in the accommodation between the boat deck and the bridge, whilst at anchor on the roads “Ria de Arosa” of Vilagarcia. After which the fire was extinguished by a local tug company and the casualty was towed to the port where Salvors further stabilized the situation. Casualty Services rendered under LOF with SCOPIC Clause invoked, by Greek based Savors Tsavliris Salvage.

Date of incident:   December 15th, 2008
Location:   Vilagarcia, Spain


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Casualty Name: Barge TRIAS
Brief description of events:
Whilst under tow, the tow line parted during bad weather and sea-state conditions. Subsequently the barge grounded in a nature reserve. Finnish based Salvors Alfons Hàkans were awarded the LOF...

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