Brief description of events: The vessel capsized and ended up on the rocks, killing some of her crewmembers. She turned quickly in a wreck due to the severe sea state conditions and rocky beach.

Date of incident:   July 16th, 2017
Location:   Cape Francis, South Africa

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Brief description of events: Shortly after the vessel departed from Rhodes Island, Greece, a fire broke out on board. The crew and passengers abandoned the vessel and subsequently she started too drift. Owners agreed to sign a Lloyds Open Form, with the SCOPIC Clause incorporated and invoked, with Greek based MEGA Tugs and Dutch based SMIT Salvage.

Date of incident:   June 15th, 2017
Location:   Off Rhodos, Greece


Brief description of events: The vessel, without cargo, grounded whilst being towed from Labuan, Malaysia to Chittagong, Bangladesh during severe weather conditions. The vessel was on her way to a scrap facility when the tow connection parted. The vessel grounded on a sandy beach off Sonadia Island, Bangladesh. Singapore based Salvors Resolve were engaged by the Owners to assist.

Date of incident:   June 12th, 2017
Location:   Sonadia, Bangladesh

mv high

Brief description of events: Laden with about 25,000 tons of cement cargo and whilst on her way from Biringkassi port, Indonesia to Taichung, Taiwan, the vessel grounded near reefs. The vessel was refloated by Harbour tugs.

Date of incident:   May 15th, 2017
Location:   Off Biringkassi, Indonesia


Brief description of events: Reportedly the vessel encountered a list during cargo operations, due to issues with the ballast system on board. The vessel was towed away from the quayside and subsequently capsized. Dutch based Salvors Ardent were appointed and agreed to provide their services under a Lloyds Open Form, with the SCOPIC Clause incorporated and invoked to remove the pollutants from the vessel.

Date of incident:   May 6th, 2017
Location:   Suva Port, Fiji

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Brief description of events: The vessel sank in an oilfield, after a fire broke out and subsequently sank. GSC issued a wreck removal tender and the contract was awarded to a local entity.

Date of incident:   December 11th, 2016
Location:   Thousand Islands, Indonesia


Brief description of events: The vessel encountered a main engine breakdown east of the Great Barrier Reef and commenced drifting. It was eventually towed to Gladstone by a SMIT harbour tug on the 13th of January 2015.

Date of incident:   January 11th, 2015
Location:   Great Barrier Reef


Brief description of events: Shortly after leaving the port of Guayaquil en-route to the Galapagos Islands, the vessel grounded on a sandbank, developed a list to starboard and subsequently capsized. The vessel was loaded with about 160 containers on board of which some were drifting away from the incident location.

Date of incident:   February 23rd, 2017
Location:   Guayaquil, Ecuador

isla bartolome 1 isla bartolome 2 isla bartolome 3 

Brief description of events: En-route from Kaohsiung to Ulsan the vessel encountered engine problems during severe weather conditions and subsequently ran aground on the remote island Suwanosejim. Japan based Nippon Salvage Corporation was awarded the contract to remove the bunkers and refloat the vessel.

Date of incident:   February 11th, 2017
Location:   Suwanosejima, Japan

sagan 4 sagan 1 sagan 2 sagan 3

Brief description of events: Whilst at anchor near the port, the vessel was struck in on of her Fuel Oil Tanks by MV WAN HAI 301. Part of the content released into the environment as well as inside the adjacent located Cargo Hold. Both vessels could be brought alongside the Johor Port Container Terminal the next day, where further stabilization works were conducted.

Date of incident:   January 3rd, 2017
Location:   Johor Port, Malaysia

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Brief description of events: Whist en-route from Argentina to Yemen, laden with 26,389 tons of bulk cargo, the vessel encountered both a fire and water flooding in the engine room. The Master decided to abandon the casualty and the crew was saved by another ship in the vicinity. Greek based Salvors Mega Tugs were engaged and agreed to provide the services under a LOF. The casualty was towed to Cape Town after it had been stabilized and safely berthed on the 23rd of December.

Date of incident:   December 3rd, 2016
Location:   South Atlantic

antaios 1 antaios 2 antaios 3

Brief description of events:The vessel grounded whilst maneuvering to come alongside a jetty. Japan based Salvors Nippon and Singapore based Salvors SMIT jointly agreed to a JSE Salvage contract the following day. The casualty was refloated on the 3rd of December.

Date of incident:   December 1st, 2016
Location:   Shen Ao Port, Taiwan


kuan yan 1 kuan yan 2 kuan yan 3 kuan yan 4

Brief description of events: The tug grounded, due to severe weather conditions, whilst en-route from Oita, Japan to Port Klang, Malaysia. She was towing a cargo barge loaded with gentry cranes and straddle carriers. Japan based Salvors Nippon were engaged by the Owners on a LOF contract. The casualty was subsequently refloated on the 23rd of December and towed to Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Date of incident:   November 28th, 2016
Location:   Calverias Bay, Philippines

salvage titan saltit 01 saltit 02 saltit 03

Brief description of events: The ferry capsized shortly after it left the terminal at Labuan Bajo and started sinking.

Date of incident:   October 14th, 2016
Location:   Labuan Bajo,Indonesia


Latest Involvement


Casualty Name: Barge TRIAS
Brief description of events:
Whilst under tow, the tow line parted during bad weather and sea-state conditions. Subsequently the barge grounded in a nature reserve. Finnish based Salvors Alfons Hàkans were awarded the LOF...

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