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Camiel is a Master Mariner, who came ashore in 1998 after spending 13 years at sea serving on a variety of ship types including Ocean going tugs, Heavy Lift- & General Cargo vessels. The last 3 years of his career at sea he served as a Master.

Bringing over 25 years of experience in the Shipping industry, Camiel joined GSC end 2010, became a partner in 2011 and is based in the Netherlands.
Camiel has acted in various roles as Project Manager, Salvage Master, Salvage Consultant and as Special Casualty Representative. Over the years he was involved in a number high profile salvage- and wreck removal operations such as REPUBLICCA di GENOVA, VINCA GORTHON and the COSTA CONCORDIA.

Latest Involvement


Casualty Name: Barge TRIAS
Brief description of events:
Whilst under tow, the tow line parted during bad weather and sea-state conditions. Subsequently the barge grounded in a nature reserve. Finnish based Salvors Alfons Hàkans were awarded the LOF...

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