Emergency Preparedness, Planning and Response

In the event of an emergency, we want to ensure that you avoid unnecessary and prolonged exposure. That's why we're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to help you make the right decisions with the minimum of fuss and delay. Our experts are competent in assessing incidents, advising on strategy and mobilising the people and equipment capable of dealing with events swiftly and professionally.

Before an emergency arises, let GSC provide advice on preparing and planning for unforeseen events through consultation and training. This can further reduce the delays that arise prior to wreck recovery.

Casualty Management, Assessment and Evaluation

Our Salvage Experts visit casualties to evaluate the situation, wherever it has occurred. They are fully trained to obtain all relevant information from both above and below the surface, and to compile this data into a comprehence technical assessment for informing recovery strategies. Meanwhile crisis room and or shore assistance is available to optimise the management of the support to the casualty.

Distressed Cargo Management

Our Cargo Experts are trained to deal with distressed cargoes, assisting Cargo Owners, Underwriters and P&I Clubs by managing the logistics, surveys, salvage buys and or disposal of abandoned cargoes. We maintain a database of global cargo recovery companies, the capabilities, track record and other relevant information to assist in selecting potential service providers.

General Average Support

Providing General Average Surveyors, with clear understanding of the objectives of general average.

Tender Evaluation and Contract Negotiations

GSC assists owners and mangers in the review and evaluation of both technical and commercial tenders for wreck removal, providing in-depth advice on the options offered by each contractor and negotiating the terms of contracts so that you can make a timely, informed decision based on all the facts.

International Salvage Company Database and ITT Support

GSC's Salvage Experts provide our clients with a detailed report for the preparation of an ITT (Invitation to Tender). This includes all the relevant information required by the salvage company to undertake the work required. We maintain a database of global salvage companies, the capabilities, track record and other relevant information to assist in selecting potential service providers. We are then able to submit the relevant document to initiate the tender process.

Wreck Removal Management and Support

Once a contact for removal has been issued, GSC's Salvage Experts are available to oversee the execution of wreck removal, ensuring that the interests of the owner and its P&I Club are protected throughout.

Expert Witness Services

As well as Salvage Experts, GSC provides Expert Witnesses to act in arbitration proceedings. Skilled in the art of providing oral and written evidence that is clear and understandable to all parties present, Expert Witnesses will articulate the complexities and technical issues of each case with opinions based on their background knowledge and practical experience.

Salvor Provision and Onsite Representation

GSC's Salvage Experts are trained to operate as salvage masters, officers, supervisors, engineers and naval architects. We can either assemble a complete team, or augment your existing team to provide a complete project management capability.

General Marine Consultation Services

GSC provides support ranging from ad hoc advice to project-wide consultation, ensuring that all appropriate technical, legal and environmental factors concerning salvage and wreck removal have been addressed to the satisfaction of all parties concerned.


Latest Involvement


Casualty Name: Barge TRIAS
Brief description of events:
Whilst under tow, the tow line parted during bad weather and sea-state conditions. Subsequently the barge grounded in a nature reserve. Finnish based Salvors Alfons Hàkans were awarded the LOF...

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