Brief description of events: The vessel collided with MV CF CRYSTAL whilst transiting through the East China Sea, about 130 Nm East from Shanghai. Both vessels caught fire and whilst the crew of the CF CRYSTAL managed to abandon safely, the SANCHI became engulfed in flames minutes after impact resulting in the loss of live of 32 crewmembers. Owners signed a LOF contact with Shanghai Salvage, whom invoked the SCOPIC Clause. Despite firefighting efforts, the vessel sank eight days after the incident occurred on the 14th of January.

Date of incident:   January 6th, 2018
Location:   East China Sea

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Brief description of events: Whilst loading a cargo of logs, the anchors started to drag and the vessel grounded on a sandy beach. Owners organized off loading equipment and the vessel could be refloated and continue operations.

Date of incident:   December 2nd, 2017
Location:   Solomon Islands


Brief description of events: The vessel reportedly capsized near the Traffic Separation Scheme in Melaka Straits and remained afloat, whilst all crew managed to timely disembark. Singapore based Salvors SMIT Salvage was appointed by the Owners to tow the vessel nearer to the coast and further stabilize her.

Date of incident:   November 6th, 2017
Location:   Off Batu Pahat, Malaysia

jbb yu hang 258 1   jbb yu hang 258 1

Brief description of events: The bulk cargo on board the vessel shifted due to severely deteriorating sea state conditions caused by typhoon DAMREY. The list increased to about 18 degrees and Owners decided to engage Nippon Salvage by agreeing to a LOF salvage agreement. Salvors managed to rectify the list and the vessel could continue her voyage.

Date of incident:   November 6th, 2017
Location:   Quinhon, Vietnam

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Brief description of events: The vessel, brand new at the time of the incident sank in Terán Bay, Chonchi Commune, Chiloé Chile. Ardent was contracted for the wreck removal operation.

Date of incident:   October 18th, 2017
Location:   Terán Bay, Chile


seikongen 1 seikongen 1 seikongen 1

Brief description of events: Whilst on her way from Hong Kong to Taichung, the Master decided to seek shelter from the approaching typhoon HATO, category 3. Due to the deteriorating sea state conditions the vessel started to drag her anchors and subsequently grounded on a small island called Zhuwantou, China. Owners signed a LOF salvage agreement with Guangzhou Salvage and subsequently the SCOPIC Clause was invoked.

Date of incident:   August 23rd, 2017
Location:   Pearl River delta, China

mv hon chun 1 mv hon chun 2 mv hon chun 3 mv hon chun 4

Brief description of events: Whilst taking shelter from typhoon HATO at the Guishan Anchorage, the anchors started dragging and the vessel subsequently grounded on a rocky beach. The P&I Club appointed a GSC Salvage Consultant to assist with the wreck removal contract. The contract was awarded to Guangzhou Salvage and heavy floating lifting equipment swiftly removed the wreck.

Date of incident:   August 23rd, 2017
Location:   Pearl River delta, China

mt gem 8 1 mt gem 8 2 mt gem 8 1

Brief description of events: The vessel was taking shelter from typhoon HATO when the anchors started to drag. She subsequently grounded on a rocky beach on the Island Zhuzhou. The vessel was laden with gasoline at the time of the incident. Owners appointed Guangzhou Salvage by signing a LOF salvage agreement.

Date of incident:   August 23rd, 2017
Location:   Pearl River delta, China

chang hang tan suo 1 chang hang tan suo 2 chang hang tan suo 3

Brief description of events: The vessel capsized and ended up on the rocks, killing some of her crewmembers. She turned quickly in a wreck due to the severe sea state conditions and rocky beach.

Date of incident:   July 16th, 2017
Location:   Cape Francis, South Africa

mvmaredon 1 mvmaredon 2 1

Brief description of events: Shortly after the vessel departed from Rhodes Island, Greece, a fire broke out on board. The crew and passengers abandoned the vessel and subsequently she started too drift. Owners agreed to sign a Lloyds Open Form, with the SCOPIC Clause incorporated and invoked, with Greek based MEGA Tugs and Dutch based SMIT Salvage.

Date of incident:   June 15th, 2017
Location:   Off Rhodos, Greece


Brief description of events: The vessel, without cargo, grounded whilst being towed from Labuan, Malaysia to Chittagong, Bangladesh during severe weather conditions. The vessel was on her way to a scrap facility when the tow connection parted. The vessel grounded on a sandy beach off Sonadia Island, Bangladesh. Singapore based Salvors Resolve were engaged by the Owners to assist.

Date of incident:   June 12th, 2017
Location:   Sonadia, Bangladesh

mv high

Brief description of events: Laden with about 25,000 tons of cement cargo and whilst on her way from Biringkassi port, Indonesia to Taichung, Taiwan, the vessel grounded near reefs. The vessel was refloated by Harbour tugs.

Date of incident:   May 15th, 2017
Location:   Off Biringkassi, Indonesia


Brief description of events: Reportedly the vessel encountered a list during cargo operations, due to issues with the ballast system on board. The vessel was towed away from the quayside and subsequently capsized. Dutch based Salvors Ardent were appointed and agreed to provide their services under a Lloyds Open Form, with the SCOPIC Clause incorporated and invoked to remove the pollutants from the vessel.

Date of incident:   May 6th, 2017
Location:   Suva Port, Fiji

phoenix 1 phoenix 1 phoenix 1 phoenix 1

Brief description of events: Shortly after leaving the port of Guayaquil en-route to the Galapagos Islands, the vessel grounded on a sandbank, developed a list to starboard and subsequently capsized. The vessel was loaded with about 160 containers on board of which some were drifting away from the incident location.

Date of incident:   February 23rd, 2017
Location:   Guayaquil, Ecuador

isla bartolome 1 isla bartolome 2 isla bartolome 3 

Latest Involvement

MV Stoli

Casualty Name: MV STOLI
Brief description of events:
Whilst on the way from Sardinia to Saint-Tropez, the yacht went aground and started to take water. The Skipper decided to beach her and requested for salvage assistance. The yacht was refloated and towed to Propriano port, where she was....

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GSC opens office in Taipei

GSC beeldmerk logoGSC opens an office in Taipei to better serve its clients in Northeast Asia. The office will be headed by Julian Lee, who has been a GSC partner since 2018 and started his career in this field as a commercial and operational senior executive for an internationally operating salvage company in Singapore. He achieved an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, Phoenix, US and is a native Mandarin speaker. 


In addition to Julian, GSC has employed Neil Lin, as a Salvage Surveyor. He brings a decade of experience with local salvage, wreck removal and offshore experience to the team. For instance, he was involved in the salvage of the MV MORNING SUN, THOR ACE and the SANCHI, to name but a few. Lin is also a native Mandarin speaker. 


The new office address: 


Taiwan Office
Global Salvage Consultancy Co. Ltd
12F, No. 107, Sec.4 Zhongxiao Road,
Da’an District, Taipei
10690, Taiwan