Brief description of events: Whilst on a voyage from India to Durban South Africa, a fight broke out between the crewmembers. One crewmember locked him-self in the engine room and shut down the main engine and auxiliaries. The vessel subsequently started drifting and grounded on the southeasterlycoast of Mauritius. Owners decided to sign a LOF contract with the Greek based Salvors Five Ocean Salvage. With no cargoes on board and a highly exposed location to the southeasterly monsoon winds and associated swells, Salvors decided to invoke the SCOPIC Clause.

Date of incident:   June 17th, 2016
Location:   Mauritius

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Brief description of events: Whilst entering the port, the vessel encountered a fire in two of its containers stowed under decks.

The local fire brigade eventually extinguished the fire. 

Date of incident:   June 15th, 2016
Location:   Colombo, Sri Lanka

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Brief description of events: The vessel on its way from Gabon, Africa to Le Havre in France started listing some 40 degrees whilst about 148 miles off Cape Ortegal, in the Bay of Biscay.
Salvors SMIT from the Netherlands were contracted by the Owner on a LOF and invokedthe SCOPIC Clause.

Date of incident:   January 27st, 2016
Location:   Bay of Biscay

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Brief description of events: Whilst on the way from Frederikshavn to Esbjerg, the wind farm installation platform ran aground after the tow wire broke during bad weather conditions. The 15-crewmembers were airlifted and transferred ashore. The platform eventually became a wreck and Belgium based salvage company DISA International were awarded the wreck removal contract.

Date of incident:   January 26th, 2016

Off the Danish coast

sea worker 2 sea worker 1

Brief description of events: The vessel collided with the MT OCEAN OSPREYo n the 25th of January whilst at anchor near the Pilot station of Yangon River, Myanmar.Due to the incurred damage the vesselt started to take in water and subsequently sank. All crew members managed to abandon the vessel in time and no injuries were reported.

Date of incident:   January 25st, 2016
Location:   Yangon River, Myanmar

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Brief description of events: Vessel grounded whilst in transit from Sampit, Indonesia to Magdalla, India in Strait Karimata due to uncharted shallow patch. Singapore based SMIT Salvage assisted Owners in refloating the vessel, which could be accomplished without off loading or shifting any cargo.

Date of incident:   December 21st, 2015
Location:   Selat Karimata, Indonesia

mandarin trader mandarin trader mandarin trader mandarin trader

Brief description of events: The vessel sank after it collided with the LNG carrier AL-ORAIG in the North Sea off the Belgium coast near Zeebrugge.

Date of incident:   October 6th, 2015
Location:   North Sea, Belgium sector



Brief description of events: Vessel grounded in the entrance channel of the Suriname River whilst departing from the country. Some cargo required being off loaded prior to the refloating the vessel.

Date of incident:   October 5th, 2015
Location:   Suriname Rivers, Suriname

Brief description of events: Vessel grounded in the entrance channel of the Suez Channel on the Mediterranean side. Refloated successfully by three local tugs.

Date of incident:   August 25th, 2015
Location:   Port Said, Egypt

Brief description of events: An explosion occurred on board the vessel whilst the crew was conducting tank-washing operations. Owners entered into a LOF salvage contract with Greek based Salvors Tsavliris, whom in turn invoked the SCOPIC Clause.

Date of incident:   August 15th, 2015
Location:   Lomé, Togo

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Brief description of events: Barge capsized and sunk

Date of incident:   August, 2015
Location:   Cottica River, Suriname

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Brief description of events: The vessel incurred damage whilst being pulled onto a local slipway and partly sank.

Date of incident:   July 17th, 2015
Location:   Muang Mom, Laos

mekong river

Brief description of events: The vessel ran aground whilst heading for the Balintang Channel for the Chinese port of Lianyungang. The vessel experienced heavy weather and rough sea state conditions, which reportedly caused a shift of the nickel ore cargo. Salvors SEMCO and T&T Salvage were contracted under a LOF 2011, with the SCOPIC Clause invoked.

Date of incident:   July 17th, 2015
Location:   Luzon, Philippines

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Brief description of events: Whilst in transit from Gresik, Indonesia to Ulsan South Korea, the vessel encountered a container fire. The crew sent out a distress call and the Japanese Coast Guard was mobilised to provide assistance to the vessel. Salvors Svitzer were engaged by the Owners to assist in fighting the fire.

Date of incident:   July 11th, 2015
Location:   220 Nm of Kuchinoshima


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