Brief description of events: Vessel grounded and was refloated by two ocean going tugs.

Date of incident:   May 2013
Location:   Doula, Cameroun



Brief description of events: Vessel on her maiden voyage ran aground after departure from her loading port in east Sulawesi, Indonesia. The casualty was laden with nickel ore. Japan based Salvors Fukada were engaged on the basis of a JSE Agreement. After internal transfer of cargo the casualty could be refloated.

Date of incident:   April 11th, 2013
Location:   East Sulawesi, Indonesia


Brief description of events: Fully cellular containership CMA CGM FLORIDA and bulk carrier CHOU SHAN (91166 GRT, built 2005) were in contact at the mouth of the Yangtze River. Consequently, 674 cubic metres of fuel spilled from the CMA CGM FLORIDA into the waters, stretching over about 124 nautical miles, officials said. The vessel's No 4 and 5 tanks / holds were breached and flooded some of the containers on board CMA CGM FLORIDA were damaged due to the collision

Date of incident:   March 19, 2013
Location:   Mouth Yangtze River, China


Brief description of events: Casualty en route from Akita Port to Muroran Port, ran aground near Fukaura Port, around 2300 hours, on the 1st of March, due to strong winds and high waves. All crew members were rescued.

Date of incident:   March 1, 2013
Location:   On the beach in Iwasaki, Japan


Brief description of events: Performance Dispute

Date of incident:   NA
Location:   Taiwan



Brief description of events: Casualty grounded in the entrance channel to the port of Alexandra. Without any further off-loading of containers and tug assistance, the casualty refloated by itself after internal transfer and de-ballasting operations were completed.

Date of incident:   Februari 3, 2013
Location:   Alexandria, Egypt


Brief description of events: Casualty grounded during severe weather conditions due to the passage of Typhoon T-21. The casualty could be classified as a typical typhoon casualty sitting high on the beach, 3 to 4 meters out of draft. Almost the entire cargo had to be off-loaded prior to the refloating operation

Date of incident:   October 1st, 2012
Location:   Sagara Port, Japan


Brief description of events: The casualty, on a voyage from Pemba (Northern Mozambique) to Durban, South Africa with a cargo of containers and a small tonnage of break bulk cargo, became immobilized, reportedly due to a fire in the exhaust casing. Greek based Salvors agreed to a LOF contract with the Owners and invoked the SCOPIC Clause.

Date of incident:   September 25th, 2012
Location:   Mozambique Channel


Brief description of events: Whilst in transit through Strait Sunda, on the way to China with a load of 83000 tons of soya beans, the casualty ran aground on a reef and required to by lightered. Subsequently lightering tonnage was arranged and after part of the cargo was off loaded the casualty could be refloated.

Date of incident:   September 16th, 2012
Location:   Strait Sunda, Indonesia

ym virtue

Brief description of events: The vessel, whilst proceeding from Tanjung Priok, to Cilacap port ran aground at Karong Jong reef. Vessel subsequently refloated on the 11th of September.

Date of incident:   August 22nd, 2012
Location:   Thousand Islands, Indonesia

asumi xxvi

Brief description of events: Casualty caught fire due to lightening during cargo operations. Salvors were able to get the fire under control within 36 hours after the incident occurred. Five crewmembers lost their lives. The remaining cargo on board the casualty was transferred to a receiving vessel and sold to salvage buyers. The casualty itself was declared CTL and scrapped.

Date of incident:   July 26th, 2012
Location:   Labuan, Malaysia

bunga alpinia

 Brief description of events: Casualty in transit passing the Tunisian coast with 126.500 tons of coal on board, grounded at full steaming power near the Isle of Galite. STS operation had to be conducted prior to the refloating operation. The services were provided under a LOF 2011, without the SCOPIC clause being invoked.

Date of incident:   June 25th, 2012
Location:   Isle Galite, Tunisia


Brief description of events: Casualty grounded in the entrance channel to the port of Alexandra whilst maneuvering to her berth due to a lack of sufficient water depth in the entrance channel. Vessel was refloated with the help of 3 harbour tugs and by adjusting her ballast condition. Vessel was redelivered to her owners after she was safely berthed alongside

Date of incident:   April 2012
Location:   Alexandria, Egypt


Brief description of events: The un-geared container vessel RENA was on a coastal voyage from Napier to the Port of Tauranga, North Island, New Zealand having on board some 1,368 containers, a number of them empty, the balance laden with cargo, stowed below and above deck. On board there was some 1,756 cubic meters of Marine Fuel Oil (MFO) 380 CSt and about 61 m3 of Marine Diesel as well as 160.55 m3 of Lubricants consisting of new, dirty and oil in use. The vessel, whilst en route to embark the Pilot and still some distance off to the East North East of the Pilot Station and at a speed of around 17 knots, ran aground on the Astrolabe Reef off Motiti Island at about 02:14 (local time) on 5 October 2011 in position 37 DEG 32’426 South; 176 DEG 25’747 East, about an hour after high water at the Reef.

Date of incident:   Januari 13th, 2012
Location:   Isola del Giglio, Italy

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