Brief description of events: The barge, loaded with two bulk gentry cranes grounded, near the Horsburgh Lighthouse during the early hours of the 30th of December. Singapore based Salvors Resolve Salvage & Fire were contracted by the Owners to salvage the barge and cranes. However the potential risk of the cranes toppling over and subsequently damaging the lighthouse resulted in a plan to pull the cranes to the seaside by a combination of two powerful tugs and explosives. The controlled demolition was successfully accomplish.

Date of incident:   December 30th, 2014
Location:   Pedra Brance, Singapore

poe giant 12

Brief description of events: Whilst manoeuvring in port the vessel collided with MV AL RIFFA, which was moored alongside in West Port. Subsequently a fire developed on board of both vessels. Both vessels were ordered to shift to the outer anchorage to stabilize the situation. Singapore based SMIT salvage were appointed to assist in extinguishing the fire and to off-load the affected cargoes.

Date of incident:   October 28th, 2014
Location:   Port Klang, Malaysia


Brief description of events: The vessel ran aground whilst entering the port of Douala. The Lead H&M Underwriters appointed GSC to report and advise on the refloating operations. The vessel was successfully refloated on the 9th of October and continued her voyage.

Date of incident:   October 23rd, 2014
Location:   Douala, Cameroon


Brief description of events: The vessel grounded and subsequently sank, turning into a wreck.

Date of incident:   August, 2015
Location:   Sa Rei, Boa Vista Isla

John Miller

Brief description of events: The vessel grounded on a reef near Summer Island, Maldives on the 31st of May 2014. The Master and his crew abandoned the vessel after it was taking water. Singapore based Salvage Company SMIT Singapore agreed on the terms of a LOF with the Owners of the vessel and decided to invoke the SCOPIC Clause.

Date of incident:   May 31st, 2014
Location:   Maldives


Brief description of events: The vessel caught fire about 480 nautical miles south of Tokyo, Japan, while en route to China. The Master and his crew (11 Koreans / 13 Filipinos) abandoned the vessel shortly after. Dutch based Salvage Company Svitzer Salvage agreed on the terms of a LOF with the Owners of the vessel and decided to invoke the SCOPIC Clause.

Date of incident:   April 19th, 2014
Location:   Pacific Ocean off Japan


Brief description of events: The vessel encountered an explosion inside cargo hold no 2, whilst in transit from Pipavav, India to Colombo, Sri Lanka, killing one Chinese crewmember. The Master decided to proceed to Mumbai outer anchorage where he dropped anchor and wait for professional assistance to arrive. Singapore based SMIT Salvage were contracted by Owners to provide the required assistance and expertise.

Date of incident:   April 7th, 2014
Location:   Off Mumbai, India


Brief description of events: The vessel collided with full container vessel PEGASUS PRIME near Tokyo. Eleven of the crewmembers could be rescued and eight were reported missing. The vessel sunk to a water depth of about 92 meters

Date of incident:   March 17th, 2014
Location:   Tokyo Bay, Japan

Beagle IIIbeagle-1tbeagle-2tbeagle-3t

Brief description of events: Fully laden containership YUSUF CEPNIOGLU, en-route from Nemrut Bay to Bizerta with 14 crew members on board, ran aground on the north-west side of Mykonos Island, Greece at around 04:00 hours, on the 8th of March. Owners agreed on LOF terms with Greek based Salvors Tsavliris, whom decided to invoked the SCOPIC Clause.

Date of incident:   March 8th, 2014
Location:   Mykonos Island, Greece


Brief description of events: The casualty was involved in a collision off the South Korean coast and caught fire. Japan based Salvage Company Nippon Salvage was awarded the LOF 2011 contract and invoked the SCOPIC Clause.

Date of incident:   December 29th, 2013
Location:   Off the South Korean coast


Brief description of events: SMIT Salvage BV signed a LOF 2011 and invoked the SCOPIC Clause. The 5000 mtons of HFO cargo were transferred ashore. The casualty subsequently was refloated on the 14th of January 2014 after which she was towed to Las Palmas where Owners accepted redelivery on the 21st of January 2014.

Date of incident:   December 23rd, 2013
Location:   Tan Tan port, Morocco


Brief description of events: The casualty and MV HUARUN DIANLI 2 collided and required salvage assistance as it suffered substantial damages resulting in flooded compartments. A STS operation was conducted and the casualty refloated.

Date of incident:   December 5th, 2013
Location:   Yangtze River, China


Brief description of events: While transiting through the channel, collided with MT CORAL IVERY. The MV SIDERLY was in danger of sinking and listing 45 degrees to port. Both lock pairs in Kiel and Brunsbüttel were closed after the accident. The bulbous bow of the tanker had caused two leaks in the MV SIDERLY. The vessel was pushed onto the embankment and Salvors tried to stabilize her. Singapore based Salvage Company T&T Salvage obtained the LOF Contract together with German based Bugsier.

Date of incident:   October 28th, 2013
Location:   Kiel Canal, Germany


Brief description of events: Loaded 8,000 tons of iron ore the vessel was sailing to China after it left the Sagar anchorage in India on Friday the 11th of October. It went missing the day after and the crew were rescued on Monday the 14th of October. The vessel sunk in rough seas caused by cyclone Phailin. An oil recovery tender was issued by the Owners and their P&I Club. Contract awarded to Singapore based SMIT Salvage.

Date of incident:   October 14th, 2013
Location:   Hugli River approached, India


Latest Involvement

theo li

Casualty Name: MV EFI THEO
Brief description of events:
Whilst inbound on the Escravos River for Wari Port, Nigeria, and laden with a cargo of wheat, the vessel collided with MV ARVIKA. As a result of the collision the vessel encountered a flooded cargo hold and subsequently grounded. Owners entered into....

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GSC opens office in Taipei

GSC beeldmerk logoGSC opens an office in Taipei to better serve its clients in Northeast Asia. The office will be headed by Julian Lee, who has been a GSC partner since 2018 and started his career in this field as a commercial and operational senior executive for an internationally operating salvage company in Singapore. He achieved an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, Phoenix, US and is a native Mandarin speaker. 


In addition to Julian, GSC has employed Neil Lin, as a Salvage Surveyor. He brings a decade of experience with local salvage, wreck removal and offshore experience to the team. For instance, he was involved in the salvage of the MV MORNING SUN, THOR ACE and the SANCHI, to name but a few. Lin is also a native Mandarin speaker. 


The new office address: 


Taiwan Office
Global Salvage Consultancy Co. Ltd
12F, No. 107, Sec.4 Zhongxiao Road,
Da’an District, Taipei
10690, Taiwan