Brief description of events: Casualty grounded at Iturup, one of the Kuril Islands in the Russian Far East. The casualty stranded during severe stormy conditions while it was attempting to seek shelter from typhoon Wipha.

Date of incident:   October 2013
Location:   Iturup Island, Far East Russia


Brief description of events: Vessel experienced problems upon leaving the port of Richards Bay, drifted passed the breakwater, struck bottom and grounded. She broke into two sections within days. The stern section was removed on the 8th of October and subsequently sank in the ocean. A wreck removal tender was issued by the Owners and their P&I Club for the remaining wreck removal. Wreck removal Contract awarded to USA based JV TITAN and TT Salvage.

Date of incident:   August 19th, 2013
Location:   Richards Bay South Africa


Brief description of events: Vessel collided with the general cargo vessel HAI DONG DA. As a result the HAI DONG DA sank and a wreck removal operation was conducted. The picture is showing the HAI DONG DA.

Date of incident:   August 7th, 2013
Location:   Yangtze River, China


Brief description of events: Vessel capsized due to stability issues in deteriorating weather conditions.

Date of incident:   August 2nd, 2013
Location:   Lam Dam, Cambodia



Brief description of events: Vessel caught fire after one of the containers stored below deck exploded, while she was on a voyage from Singapore to Durban. Five Ocean Salvage and SMIT Salvage B.V. agreed on LOF 2011 terms and managed to extinguish the fire. The casualty was towed to Mauritius where she was redelivered.

Date of incident:   July 15th, 2013
Location:   Indian Ocean 200 Nm off Mauritius


Brief description of events: Vessel carrying HFO cargo grounded and spilled substantial amount.

Date of incident:   July 2013
Location:   Balhaf port, Yemen


Brief description of events: Vessel grounded and was refloated by two ocean going tugs.

Date of incident:   May 2013
Location:   Doula, Cameroun



Brief description of events: Vessel on her maiden voyage ran aground after departure from her loading port in east Sulawesi, Indonesia. The casualty was laden with nickel ore. Japan based Salvors Fukada were engaged on the basis of a JSE Agreement. After internal transfer of cargo the casualty could be refloated.

Date of incident:   April 11th, 2013
Location:   East Sulawesi, Indonesia


Brief description of events: Fully cellular containership CMA CGM FLORIDA and bulk carrier CHOU SHAN (91166 GRT, built 2005) were in contact at the mouth of the Yangtze River. Consequently, 674 cubic metres of fuel spilled from the CMA CGM FLORIDA into the waters, stretching over about 124 nautical miles, officials said. The vessel's No 4 and 5 tanks / holds were breached and flooded some of the containers on board CMA CGM FLORIDA were damaged due to the collision

Date of incident:   March 19, 2013
Location:   Mouth Yangtze River, China


Brief description of events: Casualty en route from Akita Port to Muroran Port, ran aground near Fukaura Port, around 2300 hours, on the 1st of March, due to strong winds and high waves. All crew members were rescued.

Date of incident:   March 1, 2013
Location:   On the beach in Iwasaki, Japan


Brief description of events: Performance Dispute

Date of incident:   NA
Location:   Taiwan



Brief description of events: Casualty grounded in the entrance channel to the port of Alexandra. Without any further off-loading of containers and tug assistance, the casualty refloated by itself after internal transfer and de-ballasting operations were completed.

Date of incident:   Februari 3, 2013
Location:   Alexandria, Egypt


Brief description of events: Casualty grounded during severe weather conditions due to the passage of Typhoon T-21. The casualty could be classified as a typical typhoon casualty sitting high on the beach, 3 to 4 meters out of draft. Almost the entire cargo had to be off-loaded prior to the refloating operation

Date of incident:   October 1st, 2012
Location:   Sagara Port, Japan


Brief description of events: The casualty, on a voyage from Pemba (Northern Mozambique) to Durban, South Africa with a cargo of containers and a small tonnage of break bulk cargo, became immobilized, reportedly due to a fire in the exhaust casing. Greek based Salvors agreed to a LOF contract with the Owners and invoked the SCOPIC Clause.

Date of incident:   September 25th, 2012
Location:   Mozambique Channel


Latest Involvement

theo li

Casualty Name: MV EFI THEO
Brief description of events:
Whilst inbound on the Escravos River for Wari Port, Nigeria, and laden with a cargo of wheat, the vessel collided with MV ARVIKA. As a result of the collision the vessel encountered a flooded cargo hold and subsequently grounded. Owners entered into....

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GSC opens office in Taipei

GSC beeldmerk logoGSC opens an office in Taipei to better serve its clients in Northeast Asia. The office will be headed by Julian Lee, who has been a GSC partner since 2018 and started his career in this field as a commercial and operational senior executive for an internationally operating salvage company in Singapore. He achieved an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, Phoenix, US and is a native Mandarin speaker. 


In addition to Julian, GSC has employed Neil Lin, as a Salvage Surveyor. He brings a decade of experience with local salvage, wreck removal and offshore experience to the team. For instance, he was involved in the salvage of the MV MORNING SUN, THOR ACE and the SANCHI, to name but a few. Lin is also a native Mandarin speaker. 


The new office address: 


Taiwan Office
Global Salvage Consultancy Co. Ltd
12F, No. 107, Sec.4 Zhongxiao Road,
Da’an District, Taipei
10690, Taiwan