Brief description of events: Casualty dragged both anchors during a severe gale and grounded near the eastern breakwater.

Date of incident:   December 12th , 2010
Location:   Hooghly River, India


Brief description of events: Casualty collided with MV GREEN VALLEY and subsequently sank onto the riverbed. A crane barge was required to be mobilized all the way from Singapore to off load the containers. Casualty finally could be successfully refloated. Services rendered under LOF with SCOPIC Clause invoked, by Rotterdam based SMIT Salvage.

Date of incident:   November 24th , 2010
Location:   Hooghly River, India


Brief description of events: Casualty sank whilst moored to SMB-buoy in Oil Field.

Date of incident:   November, 2010
Location:   Off Sumatera, Indonesia



Brief description of events: Whilst on the way from Jakarta to Belawan, Sumatera, the casualty ran aground. Salvage services were rendered by IJmuiden based Svitzer Salvage under LOF. The majority of the cargo (containers) was salvaged; however Salvors were unable to salvage the casualty, which subsequently was wrecked.

Date of incident:   October 9th, 2010
Location:   Off Pulau Sinkep, Indonesia


Brief description of events: Casualty grounded on rocks. Services rendered under LOF with SCOPIC Clause invoked, by IJmuiden based Svitzer Salvage.

Date of incident:   October 6th, 2010
Location:   Off Kythira Island, Greece


Brief description of events: Whilst in transit from Nansa, China to Singapore, the casualty collided with a submerged island named Lix in Pai located in the Dadanwei Shuidao South of Hong Kong. The Master decided to return to Hong Kong and controlled grounded the casualty. An extensive STS operation had to be conducted prior to the refloating operation.

Date of incident:   June 30th, 2010
Location:   Hong Kong, China


Brief description of events: The Casualty, laden with 25,739.312 MT of steel cargo bound for Callao, Chile collided with Bulk carrier BRIGHT CENTRY, fully laden with about 170,000MT iron ore with destination Bayuquan / Yingkou port, China. The BRIGHT CENTRY sank quickly while the casualty remained afloat. Yantai Salvage agreed to a LOF contract and managed to stabilize the casualty by off-loading her cargo.

Date of incident:   May 1st, 2010
Location:   Off Weihai, China


Brief description of events: Whilst on the way from Malaysia to Mainland China, the vessel encountered severs problems due to bad weather conditions and eventually sank between Taiwan and the Penghu Islands. The vessel had a load of 6,000 tons of round logs in both the two holds as well as stored on deck. Some of the wood has been recovered during the following days but the majority went missing. The wreck went missing and GSC was appointed by the P&I Club to search and locate it, which was successfully accomplished within 24 hours after arrival at the site by means of a well-equipped Survey vessel

Date of incident:   January 26th, 2010
Location:   Port of Lisbon, Portugal


Brief description of events: These Mono Piles were towed from Zeebrugge to the wind farm location and kept afloat by special designed plugs. One of these plugs malfunctioned and the Mono Pile sank. Salvage Company Multraship based in Terneuzen, The Netherlands were contracted to recover the object. A sheerlegs was mobilized to execute the operation successfully.

Date of incident:   January, 2010
Location:   North Sea, Dutch sector


Brief description of events: Casualty ran aground on Woodhouse reef near the tourist place Sharm el Sheik. Rotterdam based SMIT Salvage refloated the casualty under a LOF contract.

Date of incident:   December 31st, 2009
Location:   Sharm el Sheik, Egypt

cscl hamburg

Brief description of events: Whilst in transit from Hai Phong, Vietnam to Taichung Taiwan the casualty grounded on the near Hou-wan, Taiwan after she was hit by typhoon Morakot. Initial Salvage Services were rendered under LOF with SCOPIC Clause invoked, by American based Titan Salvage. After the bunker removal was completed the casualty was declared a CTL and subsequently a local contractor removed the wreck.

Date of incident:   August 7th, 2009
Location:   Hou-wan, Taiwan

wo budmo

Brief description of events: The Casualty, a combined chemical and oil tanker laden with 17,000 tons of ethanol, ran aground whilst outbound from Port Esquivel. Salvors T&T-Bisso from Houston, obtained a LOF contract and successfully refloated her after part of the cargo was transferred during a STS operation.

Date of incident:   July 25th, 2009
Location:   Port Esquivel, Jamaica


Brief description of events: Whilst in transit from Hiroshima to Sri Lanka, the casualty was hit by Tropical Storm Lifna and beached on a rocky coastline. Several attempts to refloat the casualty failed and subsequently the casualty ended up as a wreck, which was removed by a local contractor.

Date of incident:   June 20th, 2009
Location:   Pingtung County, Taiwan

colombo queen

Brief description of events: Casualty under tow on maiden voyage, taking in water and required to be beached. Salvors managed to locate and stop the ingress of water, after which the compartments could be de-watered and casualty be refloated. Services provided by Multraship, Terneuzen, The Netherlands.

Date of incident:   May 8th, 2009
Location:   English Channel, UK


Latest Involvement

theo li

Casualty Name: MV EFI THEO
Brief description of events:
Whilst inbound on the Escravos River for Wari Port, Nigeria, and laden with a cargo of wheat, the vessel collided with MV ARVIKA. As a result of the collision the vessel encountered a flooded cargo hold and subsequently grounded. Owners entered into....

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GSC opens office in Taipei

GSC beeldmerk logoGSC opens an office in Taipei to better serve its clients in Northeast Asia. The office will be headed by Julian Lee, who has been a GSC partner since 2018 and started his career in this field as a commercial and operational senior executive for an internationally operating salvage company in Singapore. He achieved an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, Phoenix, US and is a native Mandarin speaker. 


In addition to Julian, GSC has employed Neil Lin, as a Salvage Surveyor. He brings a decade of experience with local salvage, wreck removal and offshore experience to the team. For instance, he was involved in the salvage of the MV MORNING SUN, THOR ACE and the SANCHI, to name but a few. Lin is also a native Mandarin speaker. 


The new office address: 


Taiwan Office
Global Salvage Consultancy Co. Ltd
12F, No. 107, Sec.4 Zhongxiao Road,
Da’an District, Taipei
10690, Taiwan